Submission Guidelines

Texts should be submitted in an editable text format: preferably a word (.doc, .docx), or open office format (.odt). Figures should be submitted as separate files, preferably as .jpg, .png or .svg files.

Ideal text length is between 1000 and 3000 words.

The text should include a headline, author name and affiliation, and a short abstract of no more than 150 words. The text should cite works using a simple (author year:page) format.

After the main text there should be a bibliography section titled “Works Cited”. Bibliographic references should preferably be cited using Chicago style references, but no great emphasis will be given to correctly format references by the editors.

Authors are asked to limit the number of cited works to only those that are absolutely relevant and used actively in the text (exceptions can be made for any review articles). Generally, texts should focus on the authors own ideas and data, and not dedicate much time to summarizing the wider literature on a topic.

Any notes should be endnotes, though use of notes should be very limited. Any acknowledgments can be given in a short note directly before the “Works Cited”-section.

If in doubt refer to the Chicago Manual of Style. Most texts will be published in the format in which they are submitted with no corrections of style or format, with only light copy-editing and reformatting if required.

Authors may also include a web url that can be linked from the author name and affiliation – for example a link to a professional profile a their university webpage. Authors may also include a photo of themselves and a short biography (50 words) that can appear after the bibliography.

Texts are submitted to the site-editor at magnuspharao AT gmail DOT com.